Thursday, April 30, 2015

SEKAI NI HITOTSU DAKE NO HANA - mulanya di sini!


No need to struggle to be NO. 1
Just be yourself,be the ONLY ONE

Look at the flowers that stand in the shop
Each has a beauty that makes your heart stop
We all have our favorites,but one things is sure
Flowers will bloom with beauty that's pure
Which one among us is better than the rest?
No competition,no need to contest

There's the buckets,the flowers stand tall
Heads held in pride far above all
Yet why do we people do what we do?
Always wanting to compare?
Fighting each other to get to the top
When we all have a treasure so rare

Why don't we get it?
In this wide world you're one of a kind
Cherish your beauty,there's no need to hide it
Each of us holding a different seed
Just be yourself,that's all you need

Small flowers,big flowers,all kind of flowers
You'll never find any one that's the same
No need to struggle to be No. 1
Just be yourself,be the ONLY ONE .......

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